Secret of the way to win Toto 4D Malaysia

Playing Toto 4D Lottery, especially TOTO 4D now become more common when Lotto agencies including online and land based happen everywhere all over the world. You surely know that lottery results are drawn randomly, however, there are many people win Lottery 4D Malaysia based on mathematical manipulation. In this article, I would like to recommend to you two of the luckiest players and method involving mathematical manipulation they spent to apply to win more in playing Lottery 4D.

Many gamblers keep in mind that winning lottery including Toto 4D games bases on luck more than skill, but if you still think so, you cannot find out or create plans to win your Lottery games. Study instances below to raise your opportunity of winning in Lottery 4D Malaysia.


Big Lottery wins of Frane Selak and Richard Lustig

Frane Selak is a well – known Croatian music teacher and known as the luckiest players who ever lived when he survived after 5 times of serious accidents within more than 30 years. There are dozens of people killed in every accident, but by some ways that no one knows, he can survive and even, win great prize as playing lottery. As a consequence, as he won $1,110,000 on the lottery, nobody was absolutely surprised since they believe that he is lucky person. However, you have to know that luck only accounted 1/175 million in your victory and you have to need a Damacai result system and certain method to absolutely win your Lottery games.

Toto 4d Malaysia

This is proved with Richard Lustig, an ordinary man with a system and has won 7 leading prizes of Lottery 4D. Lustig said that he utilized a system. He claims that selecting winning lottery numbers is about plans, not about luck. I will provide free his system below.

The way to win TOTO 4D Malaysia with Mathematic

For those, who feel they are not lucky players, their wins have to depend on solid systems and special Mathematical Manipulation to lead to their wins. In reality, it is very difficult to argue against this since there are many persons like Frane Selak such as Richard Lustig who keep win and openly promoting the reality that they have a proven system about playing Lottery 4D Malaysia.


As I have referred above, Richard Lustig is a well – known person in Lottery system when he has won 7 leading prizes and multiple little and medium prizes. And his recommendation spend Mathematical Manipulation related to things occured daily in life. That means you have to look up the Lotto results and spend Math to find out the winning numbers of 4D Lottery Malaysia as well as Singapore.

Lottery Malaysia secrets

After I review surprising wins by Richard Lustig and mathematical professors, I can claim that there is a great system that has been kept hidden. Let’s seek it. First of all, look up to Magnum 4D past result and spend the same Lottery system spent by past winners. Secondly, remember to spend special numbers in your accidents in life such as the day of the accident, period of accident, license plates and more. There are still a lot of secrets of selecting winning Lotto numbers you likely not to know. Hence, follow us to get more methods and you will find winning Lottery 4D Malaysia is so simple. Good luck!