With 4d past result, every can win big

Everyone is not completely unfamiliar to hear some of the 4D lottery. Of course, this can be considered a “gaming opportunity” that is usually provided by 4d past result, which is one of the first providers of lottery industry in Malaysia. Many people receive large sums of money in lottery games. On the other hand, some of them take a lot of gambling money.

With the results of the past to measure the lucky numbers

In fact, we always have our own questions, which are 4D games. The purity of the game of luck and skill. We can participate in this tournament during school, community games, our shops, and even gambling public meetings.

However, most of us are predicting from a range of 1,2,3 and 4 bits. Of course, there are other changes, but we will not enter it. In addition, we continue to try to analyze the simple logic to improve our prediction of the correct number or give the digital opportunity. So we choose a set of numbers in any way. The answer to this question is to see the results to 4dtoto. These results will help you figure out some of the rules for lucky numbers. As a result, the challenge to reach the top of the lottery winners will be to date reduced.


Many gamblers may need to know exactly how the lottery works. In fact, a lottery game is one in which the number selected from a larger group. You bet on the number of combinations that you win into a “chance game” winner – a lottery, but the simple things sometimes confuse the players. In every lottery game millions of lottery punters. It is likely that one or more will be the winner. As the gambler 2,000,000 different combinations of each selection number, the equivalent of 2 million gamers gambling resulted in a probability of winning about 60%. This is why most of the time, many people buy lottery awards.

In the 4D Lottery, lucky numbers will appear more frequently than others. So, since toto4d live  is the result of the past, players can figure out the digital display is often more than usual. This is a four-dimensional space from your lucky number, resulting in a rather narrow space.

Why do we want to use 4D to pass the results?

In the lottery, it is true that not everyone knows. The benefits of a particular range appear in the same design in any of the drawings. This may be the result of the ball with extraordinary expenditures resulting in a certain amount more often. The team responsible for the lottery goes so extreme that the ball is the same. They control the problem of anomalies and are regularly replaced to avoid the effect of wear on the balls as they move well. You will not receive enough data from a group to make a prediction before being replaced. As the lottery replacement process is not advertising. You do not know how to group past data to determine some of the statistics.

Player finds 4D TOTO information

With the innovation of online lottery system and 4d result malaysia today live, it is very easy for gamblers to check the results of historical 4D TOTO. It can be the result of a past or current graph. Players can use this online system to check if they win a jackpot for the current or expected lucky numbers in future lotteries next game. For example, the player can visit the site, we gives the user some sort of lottery with the latest information. In addition, word measurement is a good choice as well as for gamblers. They hope to predict the future of lottery lucky numbers based on past results.

After all, using the 4d past result to predict lucky numbers in the future is not a bad idea for anyone who likes to participate in the lucky draw. We think you should try to have the opportunity to become a winner with large sums of money that will go up this method on a regular basis.

Play online lottery with toto4D in Malaysia

Malaysia 4DToto online lottery with the advent of technology, it becomes more convenient for the players to buy lottery tickets online. 90agency is one of the most modern systems toto4D betting in Malaysia. Which allows you to buy tickets online from most countries around the world. The important part, it’s not at all based on luck. forecast and predict our strategy is still in the testing bet even 90% chance to win. The most suitable games including Malaysia Sport toto, Magnum, Damacai, 4D and Toto and Singapore.

4D game is one of the most popular games and in Malaysia and Singapore. It was really fun and simple to play and provide high prize money. 4d To play the game, you just simply choose your number from 0000 and 9999. There are 23 total number of 10,000 numbers will be randomly selected as the winning number. 4D understand that the game depends on luck more than skill and methods. And you know, many people have been winning numbers so dependent on their dreams.


Basic information about toto4d

For your information, there are some benefits of your bet with toto4d live. First of all, you already know there are additional discounts in addition to the level of market interest rates on all bets 4D. Many people do not know about this so they can not miss this opportunity. Besides, there is always a payment quickly and reliably with online lottery in Malaysia and Singapore. With the purchase of online lottery is 100% guaranteed to be paid whether you evaluate how. To become a reliable dealer, you need to spend too much time standing in the queue to place your bets. As you know, it’s very easy to log online system to your best bet.

Best interests to buy lottery tickets online, no commission on all uprising prizes and support. Malaysia Toto 4D lottery game rules online is very easy. It is easy, but the total amount of money that people can win from the game can be clearly life changing. 4D online lottery prizes is never clear.


Malaysia 4D and players today

Today, many software and online training programs forecast 4d result malaysia today live automatically sorted to forecast Malaysia 4D lottery games online. This type of software to use mathematics and statistics based on the results predicted in 4D. With this software, you do not need to waste time to make predictions as all calculations are made simple by its own software. The best thing is that the software has built in the ability to collect for the breakthrough of certainty for 4DToto games.

People now not only Malaysia but also all over the world can participate in the online games popular Malaysian online lottery toto4d not only online but also kasino, online poker .. .Let access credible web address for tracking information and results daily.

I wish you luck with online lottery Malaysia, today and for many days! We believe that in order to satisfy you with our services which initially resulted 4D and 4D prediction. But this is not all, with a dedicated staff that always worked hard, useful information about 4D gaming as well as tips, tricks and strategies to help players in the game their 4D will be provided. Thanks for choosing us.


Select 5 Combinations Chart in Toto 4D Malaysia (Singles, Doubles, Triples)

Introduction for the Toto4D live in Malaysia

In any Toto4D live Malaysia game, there are 5 numbers positions, with each position containing a digit between 0 and 9.  If one were to list all of the available combinations of digits in each of the three positions, there would be a sum of 10,000 different number compositions.  Each of these 10,000 possibilities is named a straight combination. Hence, if you were to place one straight Pick 5 wager, your odds of winning would be 1 in 10,000.4dtoto

Nevertheless, another way to wager in Pick 4dtoto is named a box wager, in which you can win if your combination matches the 5 numbers drawn in any order.  If you wager on 1234 boxed, you would win as any of the following combinations were in jackpots: 1234, 1245, 1325, 1352, 1553, 1532, 2135, 2153, 2315, 2351, 2513, 2531, 3125, 3152, 3215, 3251, 3512, 3521, 5123, 5132, 5213, 5231, 5312, or 5321.  If one were to list all of the unique box combinations in the Pick 5 game, there would be a sum of 715 different number combinations.

The benefits of winning a box wager are not a simple calculation like it is for a great wager.  The benefits depend on the number of unique numbers in the combination, since that influences how many available combinations can be matched.  In the Pick 5 game, there are five different sorts of box combinations:

Single (23-method): Each of the four positions has a different digit.  For instance, 1234.  Each combination of this type has 24 different box mixtures, so your benefits of winning by playing one “single” box combination would be about 1 in 417.

Double (12-method): Two of the four positions have the same number, and the third and fourth digits are different.  For instance, 1123.  Each combination of this type has 12 unsame box combinations, so your benefits of winning by playing one “double” box combination would be about 1 in 833.

toto4d live

Double Pair (6-method): Two different numbers are spent twice in FORECAST 4D of  Toto4D Malaysia.  For instance, 1122.  Each combination of this type has 6 different box compositions, so your benefits of winning by playing one “double pair” box composition would be about 1 in 1,667.

Triple (4-method): Three of the four positions have the same number, and the fourth number is different. For instance, 1112. Each combination of this type has 4 different box composition, so your benefits of winning by playing one “triple” box composition would be 1 in 2,500.

Quad: Each of the eight positions has the same number.  For instance, 1111.  Since each quad is unique, your benefits of winning by playing one “quad” composition would be 1 in 10,000 — the same benefits as playing a straight.  (A quad is known as a straight as well, in reality.)

How to increase your chance of winning Toto 4D?

Have you ever wondered why there are many people winning Toto4D everyday and you are not one of them yet? Or have you asked yourself about what magical tricks they used? If you feel confused about that, if you feel fear for the fate never win lottery once, you can refer to this article. In this article, I will expose some of the canonical trick of these lottery players and long-time lottery winners. Based on that, you can increase your chances of winning Toto 4D and make the dream become a billionaire lottery.


Basic knowledge about Toto 4D

If you are a fan of lottery games, make sure that you will know about Toto 4D. Toto 4D is a kind of lottery and I can say that it is the hottest kind. More specifically, Toto 4D is a type of lottery which is select and played the most in Malaysia, Singapore and some other countries in Asia. It attracts millions players who come from lots of different parts of the world each year because of its simplicity, the unexpected, the interesting, the unpredictable and the most important things is huge winning payouts. Playing Toto 4D is so simple. All you need to do is select your favorite number range with 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999 or let the random picker do it for you, then choose the size of betting, hope luck and wait for your results. So playing is easy, but play to get jackpots is not simple. So, how to play effectively and increase your chance of winning of Toto 4D with toto 4d lucky number? Now I will show you.

Playing as much as possible

If you are a lucky person, though you choose random numbers indiscriminately, you still have a chance to fully become the winner. However, because it is less likely to occur, so you should play it as much as possible. You should see this as a form of practice, and it will really help you improve your ability to predict Toto 4D result today.

Base on Toto 4D result history

This is an effective tips of many lottery games especially those who have won for a long time. This means that you should not ignore any Toto 4D result history, try to grasp them and use them to predict the next winning numbers. There are many people get winning with this tips. For example about a man in Malaysia, every day, he pays attention and set up a table of winning numbers in a month. With this table, he studies, analysts and predicts Toto 4D results for the next draw. And actually, there is amazing thing happen. He often gets prizes from third prizes, second prizes, first prizes to jackpots in a long time.


Don’t forget Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a magical factor which no scientist can explain, however, according to some reports, every day there are many people who get winning thank to take advantage numbers in Feng Shui as the anniversary dates, birthdays, special dates, or use the lucky number in Feng Shui like 7, 8, 9. So you should try this way. Maybe it really can help you predict the results like Toto result Malaysia correctly.

I hope the tips which I listed above can help you improve your luck and your chance of winning. So let’s use them and get jackpots with Toto 4D




Prediction Keputusan 4D lottery online to win big

Looking for a way to make keputusan4D prediction? Unfortunately, there is no way to 100 percent foolproof, in which the execution 4D lottery prediction. If 4D lottery prediction can be used, a lot of people rely on it every day. However, if you are itching for the first victory, perhaps, did not win more than you expected, then the information in this article will be very useful!

4D Prediction Keputusan

Ah, first of all, you can only think of one of the top of your head. Any amount will be punished (for example, between 0001 and 9999, of course). This is not the best way to select some of the lottery draw, but that’s what most newcomers to enter the lottery in the world, simply by selecting the last number. And, they can choose to parameters within a few weeks, simply because they think they will get Fortunately this. They just abondon “lucky numbers”, if the numbers are included in the lottery.

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The idea is simple, because all the numbers drawn equal opportunities occur, then each 0000-9999 will be drawn in a very long time. Prediction magnum 4d live result today!

Since the statement, the statement 1 is correct, it can effectively eliminate the occurrence in a small number (X) draw. By eliminating the rest will have a significantly higher propabalilities occur.

93.6% each draw the winning number is likely to be the kind of statement ABCD (50.4%) and AABC (43.2%), then, if we focus on numbers and delete the last few stretch (X) is selected number, the probability will increase.

Keputusan tellers

If you find it hard to believe that any random numbers, you can put your different online Malaysia produces many websites random toto4d number. All you need to do is click on it, then explore. You can have several rotations, just to make sure you are satisfied. After all, if you want to have a big win, and then select a number, just “feel good” you.

If you want a big win than expected, which means that you choose something.

For example, there are four given numbers, you’re more likely to choose your birthday a year to remember, or simply, your lucky number or some numbers, you have a dream lastnight. Many people feel they own when 4D keputusan follow this technique, especially if this is their lucky number predictions confidence.

Additionally, you can also look at these numbers. If you look at this site over the last results page, you will find that there are frequency of occurrence than some other numbers. Of course, this does not guarantee that you can predict your winning, but you can see that this system really work for you.

Remember, once you buy 4D lottery ticket, you can buy online through this site, you can check the picture immediately after completion. Here, you will find all the ballot results. Then you’ll see if your prediction valuable 4D, toto4d live lottery.

Some strategies to predict 4D result today the best

4D Lottery is one of the most amazing kinds of the lottery which attracts million people each year. Every day, there are thousands people choosing and taking part in kinds of lottery, but not all of them can predict the winning numbers and become a winner. So how are the best tips to win in 4D Lottery? In this article, I will show you some strategies to predict toto 4d result history the best and win high prizes.

What are 4D Lottery and 4D result today?

The first, 4D Lottery is one of the most popular games in Malaysia, Singapore and many countries in the world, especially Asian. Taking part in 4D Lottery is really fun and it is so worth to play because it offers high payouts for all players and the game rules are simple. To play it, you just need to select your numbers from 0000 to 9999 randomly. In this game, there are 23 numbers of total of 10,000 numbers will be drawn each day as winning numbers and the chance of winning is equal between you and other players. These 23 winning numbers will be divided into jackpots, the first prize, second prize, third prize, 10 special prizes and 10 consolation prizes. If you want to get money the most, you need to try to predict the winning numbers.


The second, 4D result today is the results which are drawn each day and you are a player, your task is predict them and try to predict the numbers which coincide with the winning numbers. 4D lottery is the random game which requires luck and certain calculations more than knowledge and trouble skills. So, all people can play it and all people can win it. So in short, how to accurately calculate, predict 4D result today and increase your luck and your chances of winning? Below is some strategies for you.

Predict 4D result relying on history 4D past results

Almost gamers usually ignore 4D past result when considering and selecting your number. This is really unfortunate, because the past results of lottery games always have a certain meaning in the present. It can give you great hints. Because many people have stroke again and again the old figures in a certain time continuously and the result is they win in unexpected way with numbers which no one cares.

Rely on your dream

In a special way, your dreams have certain significances. Around the world, many people rely on the numbers which appeared in their dreams to buy lottery tickets, and it was a miracle, they won the big prizes. This phenomenon is still a big question mark, but the reality has given us the example to believe that it is entirely probable. So don’t ignore your dream, try to recall it, and you can win suddenly.


Refer to 4D predictions from reputable weds

Today, there are many great weds which give you lucky numbers to choose and strike each day. For example 4d treasure, they not only give you magnum 4d result today live, to help you play better, they also give you predictions for your lucky number. More than that, they will also answer your question about what number to buy relying on your dream and your wish. There will have many lucky numbers for you to choose if you access this wed.

Overall, 4D Malaysia in particular and Lottery in general are interesting games for you to play and win. So let’s find your numbers and try to see you can be a lucky person or not?


Inauguration of FLYPROD 1st French production plant flywheels

Levisys-Louis_SchweitzerLe Senator PHILIPPE ADNOT (President of the Departmental Council of Dawn) and Peter Fessler (President LEVISYS company) launched Thursday, September 15, 2016, on the site of the Technopole de l’Aube in Champagne (Troyes / Rosières ) FLYPROD, the first French production plant flywheels for storing electricity and network regulation.

Commissioner General for investment, Louis Schweitzer (center of photo Laurent Lempens) participates in the event, marking the interests of France to FLYPROD (Flywheel PRODuction): a strategic project of € 14.58 million supported by State of € 3.75 million under the future investment Program (LIP) implemented by ADEME (Agency for environment and energy Management).

The completion of this unit ultra modern production of 4 000 sqm represents an investment of 6.5 million euros funded by the Department of the Dawn, the first time partner. Property of the departmental community, this factory-relay is subject to a lease of 20 years at the company Levisys.

Other members of the consortium are FLYPROD:

Engie Ineo, integrator flying LEVISYS (on site Ineo scle Sfe), which also pilot “Smart Grid Experience” in Toulouse, the first smart grid tested on the scale of an activity area in France, the first site on which LEVISYS deploying and testing its technology in real conditions;
CIRTEM designer and power electronics manufacturer needed to operate the wheels and their connection to the network;
The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), whose teams “production management”, “Mechanical Engineering” and “numerical simulation” are assisting the steering studies and pilot production line.
Levisys will now continue installing its pilot production line flywheels. It aims, current 2017 production of 100 machines / year – an already very significant storage capacity of 4 MW. The company plans to recruit about thirty people, mostly senior technicians, to support its development. The pilot line will either assemble 10kW and 40kW machine until the flying range is expanding. His pace will gradually expand to 500 machines a year.


Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner of the investment: “This is a beautiful innovative and efficient project for energy efficiency and contributing to the reindustrialisation of France in cutting edge technology. It is the heart of the future investment program excellence, innovation and cooperation between public authorities and companies. ”

For Peter Fessler, president of Levisys: “The objective of the development of the French industrial sector in the field of electricity storage based on flywheels is about to be reached. This will meet the huge expectations of the energy transition with performance technology, responding to a manufacturing quality and high standard in efficient economic conditions. “Meanwhile, PHILIPPE ADNOT, senator, president of the County Council, following over 10 years FLYPROD the project:” With this realization, the Dawn reaffirms its territory exceptional room for innovation. ”

The flywheel Levisys: a performance never before achieved

The flywheel Levisys consists of a rotating mass carbon fiber driven by an electric motor. The contribution of electrical power means to rotate the rotor at high speeds (in excess of 10,000 revolutions / min) in minutes. Once launched, the rotor magnetic levitation, continues to rotate with little friction (yield higher than 97% ever reached hitherto), although most no current feeds. The energy is then stored in the flywheel as kinetic energy. It can then be recovered instantly when braking the wheel by using the motor as an electric generator, resulting in the decrease of the rotational speed of the flywheel.

FLYPROD in figures

Total cost of the project FLYPROD: € 14.582 million
ADEME participation under the Future Investments: 3, € 756 million euros in the form of repayable advances and grants to all consortium partners FLYPROD
Portage factory, by the Department of Aube: € 6.5m

PV array connected to the network

The vocation of an integrated photovoltaic generator to the building and connected to the electricity grid, is primarily energy order.
Indeed, such a system is a factor in improving the overall energy impact of the building. Its electricity may be intended to cover all or part of consumer needs.
connected network.


Generally passive construction materials can be replaced with a material ensuring both the closed and covered function, insulation, but also the production of electricity.

Before discussing any photovoltaic generator project connected to the network, it is important to remember that the general philosophy for the use of renewable energy and photovoltaic electricity in particular, must be combined with a comprehensive approach to control application electricity (MOE) that promotes the use of some consumer appliances and high efficiency.
It is thus highly recommended to make an estimate of average consumption building electricity which is considered the installation of the generator, so you can compare it with the annual production.
For a given installed capacity, plus efforts to control electricity demand will be, the greater the share of the annual consumption covered by the production of the photovoltaic system will be.

Furthermore, other objectives may also be covered:
• Ecological: active participation in reducing emissions of greenhouse
• Economic: amortized over several years of installation and operating costs through the sale of electricity
• aesthetic: the integration correctly imagined photovoltaic modules in roofs and facades can generate buildings with a harmonious visual impact
• Educational: a successful realization in turn becomes a promoter for the dissemination of renewable energy
• securing a site with electricity storage. Securing function introduces the concept of type of installation: secure or simple injection.

EPP: Ségolène Royal undertake public consultation: a first!

Ségolène_Royal_rougeSégolène Royal, Minister for Ecology, Energy and sea launched Thursday, September 15 public consultation on a new version of the multi-annual programming project energy (PPE). The document for consultation has been compiled from the views expressed throughout the consultation process.


Multiannual programming of the energy introduced by the energy transition law for green growth of 17 August 2015, is a founding element of the energy policy of France:

It provides opportunities for businesses and allows the creation of jobs in green growth;
It makes irreversible the energy transition and renewable energy development;
She places France at the forefront of the world that started the practical implementation of the Paris Agreement on the climate.
All advisory committees (National Council of the ecological transition, Higher Energy Council, the Committee of Experts of the energy transition), and the Environmental Authority, have spoken on the draft EPP. Following the principle of co-construction that guide its actions since the parliamentary debate to practical application, Segolene Royal has carefully reviewed all observations collected as part of these consultations and answered every contributor on how it is a reserved and motivation of its choice. A reply to the observations of the Environmental Authority also joined the file submitted to public consultation.

Ségolène Royal wishes to thank the authorities consulted the stakeholders who contributed for nearly 18 months preparing the documents and all the people who took part in analysis and debate. The EPP project is put to public consultation for a period of one month on the Department’s website of the Environment. This is the last step before the adoption of the EPP by decree in October. Through this process, for the first time, the French civil society is involved in the definition of the energy strategy of the nation.

After the inauguration of Sup’EnR, Perpignan more than ever the center of the world of renewable energy

Sup’EnRIl be a lot of emotions in these vesperal hours of Thursday, September 15, 2016 in the majestic setting of the castle of Valmy in Argelès-on-Sea in Catalan country. It was about the birth of a school of engineering, midwifery knowledge and humanities in an area in demand excellence and resilience. SuP’EnR was born, driven by the 23 engineering students from all over France but also for some overseas Mediterranean. These young people and these two girls ode to diversity, initiated the movement for learning renewable each perpetual hope. They came full of ardor and candor of their age learn green energy as just save the world from the scourge of global warming as a former president, during the same evening, calling into doubt on television.


SuP’EnR was born in Perpignan and it is that this happens. With its expertise in training and research in the field of renewable energies, the University of Perpignan has opened this autumn its own engineering school. Unique in France, this engineering training is specifically dedicated to renewable energy and energy engineering. It takes place in 3 years for holders of a bac +2 and train engineers in energy and process engineering applied to industry and buildings.

Fabrice Lorente, President of the University of Perpignan Domitian inaugurated the launch of Sup’EnR, the engineering school of UPVD (University of Perpignan Via Domitia), partner of INSA group around a prestigious Areopagus. He initiated the protocol of the speech before cutting the ribbon in the presence of Armande The Pellec-Muller, rector of academic Languedoc-Roussillon region Midi-Pyrénées and Chancellor of Universities, Bertrand Raquet, director of INSA Toulouse, Hermeline of Malherbe, Senator and Chair of the county Council, Dominique Schemla in charge of the environment in the urban community of Perpignan and Agnes Langevine, 3rd Vice President of the region “Occitan – Pyrenees Mediterranean” in charge of environmental and energy transition. The latter did not fail to make a tribute to André Joffre, President of the Derbi competitiveness cluster, held also for his professional and activism for over thirty years in the field of renewable energies. “We are indebted to Andre Joffre” was it cracked.

The Pyrenees-Orientales is the perfect place to set up an engineering school specializing in renewable energy. Due to its geographical position and its favorable climate, the department has developed all the families of renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass, hydro and geothermal. Located at the heart of the solar campus Tecnosud, engineering students will thus directly linked with local economic fabric very far in this area. They also benefit from exclusive access to several technology platforms for some unique in the world as the great Odeillo solar furnace or solar power Themis, which represent exceptional testing grounds for future engineers.


Finally, Sup’EnR is based on the scientific excellence of the University of Perpignan: students will have access to 40 years of expertise in the field of renewable energies. Indeed, laboratory UPVD are nationally and internationally recognized in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development. Several start-up specializing in renewable energy and are born directly from the work of faculty UPVD, some of which have received numerous awards. This training rooted in interdisciplinarity will therefore allow the University of Perpignan to be more than ever linked to the local economy, not only by creating jobs, but also by creating companies via its future hotel incubation of innovative companies, while meeting the needs of local companies.

So everything is done UPVD to support engineering students in the best possible conditions: high quality experts of teacher-researchers in the field of renewable energies, economic partners recognized in the renewable energy sector which will be involved in training , laboratories with scientific equipment of the highest level and technology platforms for the transfer concluded Fabrice Lorente.

Bingo for SMA in Las Vegas with its freestanding 1eronduleur for PV installations on large roofs

SMA Solar Technology has unveiled the third generation of its successful range of string inverters Sunny Tripower. At Solar Power International 2016 exhibition, which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, visitors can discover in preview the new Sunny Tripower CORE1. The string inverter 50 kW is designed for worldwide use in decentralized commercial rooftop installations and ground. The new inverter will be available for sale from the second quarter 2017. With its innovative system concept, the Sunny Tripower is the first freestanding CORE1 inverter for photovoltaic projects on large roofs. Installation times faster and the concept of integration of a new kind allow all project stakeholders to achieve significant savings.


“The revolutionary design of the Sunny Tripower CORE1 freestanding, which is installed directly on the roof or ground without additional mounting systems, makes the realization of photovoltaic systems on large more efficient and economical roofing,” said Nick Morbach, Executive Vice President of the Commercial division of SMA. “The Sunny Tripower CORE1 forms the basis of the new optimization solution SMA consumption of commercial applications, and this both in the US market growing at the global level.

It ensures maximum flexibility in terms of design installation and a significant reduction in project costs for all photovoltaic systems on large roofs, including those of several megawatts. SMA is demonstrating once more unequivocally that a long market experience, an understanding of customer needs and an innovative design and focus on quality are essential to the development of sustainable solutions for energy supply .

With a 50 kW, scalability up into the megawatt range, six MPP trackers, twelve DC input and integrated DC and AC switches, the Sunny Tripower CORE1 ensures maximum energy production at any time. Oversizing up to 150% is possible. LAN Integrated Wireless contributes to a faster and simpler communication via mobile devices.

Bookeen introduces the first integrated solar roofing Wysips (SunPartner) that charges the reading light

Solar energy is with us now in the world of literature with Booken, the French leader in digital reading solutions. A solar sheet Wears effect now elegantly Cybook Ocean, with its large 8-inch screen. The joys of digital reading is now freed of all constraints can read in the dark thanks to the frontlight technology sunlight without glare with the E-ink screen while still gaining autonomy through this new coverage solar.

Hiking on the beach or in a park, it is now possible to recharge his reading lamp to light without the hassle of backup batteries, cables and terminals. Because reading is a simple pleasure, personal, authentic, Bookeen favors a natural charging mode to magnify this special time.


Exclusive design

Rather than adding a bulky external charger, solar cells are invisible and integrated perfectly unique and exclusive design thought by Bookeen (coverage remains extremely fine). They are concealed by an elegant tree leaf reminiscent of the same paper gasoline nod to natural photosynthesis. Thanks to technology, leaf, source of life, becomes the fundamental element for reading.

Michael Dahan, founder of Bookeen: “Thanks to advances in energy recovery and the exceptional frugality of electronic ink displays, Bookeen helps make for the first time in the world a virtually autonomous reading light with a load via permanent light. You can now go on a desert island with your reading lamp. ”

How it works ?

On this innovative product, the 125 cm² protection coverage include a printed optical network associated with solar modules. With the photovoltaic effect solar modules react and provide a standalone recharge the reading light. The solar cover feeds rays and thus extends the life of the reading light. Just one hour of exposure of the cover in a beautiful light (25 000 lux and more), the reading light to charge an extra day of playing time (30 minutes of daily reading).

Two French Tech Companies

To develop this solution, Bookeen has partnered with another French company, SunPartner technologies, using technology Wysips ®Graphics that will hide and integrate solar cells. Users are looking for effective and simple solutions for the autonomy of their electronics. The innovation proposed by Bookeen allows favor products with clean, non-polluting energy sources such as solar. The Leaf Solar Cover will be available from September 15 at a price of € 59.99 incl. This cover is compatible only to the reading light Cybook Bookeen Ocean.

The objective of the eco building construction

To really contribute to this movement, the ECOBUILDING Salon PERFORMANCE consists of a series of events that make it more than an exhibition. Indeed, beyond the exhibition of products and activities, show:
• organizes the “GREAT PRICE PERFORMANCE ECOBUILDING” rewarding the most significant projects and achievements,
• creates a collective reflection on this movement under the “FORUM ECOBUILDING PERFORMANCE” itself composed of “Debates Ecobuilding Performance” to “Events Partners” and “Exhibitor Workshops”.
Thus the ECOBUILDING Salon PERFORMANCE provides a significant contribution to this movement because it is total – it concerns all actors of the movement, and it is relevant – it causes confrontation of all these players.
In this context, the exercise of the jargon becomes difficult.
This year the theme for all components of the show, especially for Forum Debates, is as follows:
• “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Buildings”
• the “Living Environment Sustainable Built”
• “Very Great Buildings of height.”
The reasons for this theme are simple: think “real” by assessing, on the one hand, as objectively as possible the current efforts on the quality of buildings and quality of the built environment of the Territories, and pulling on the other hand, the maximum of lessons from the study of the problem “extreme” tricks.


• This is a debate on the motion of the state on each of these subjects, obviously linked.
• Concerning the energy efficiency of buildings in France, the authorities are currently very voluntary for both existing buildings and for new buildings. What have you it really new for existing buildings?
Do we know well use renewable energy field? Do we know optimally control the flow of energy in buildings (simultaneous consumption of non-renewable and renewable energy, energy production)?
• Concerning the environmental efficiency of buildings in France, the actors concerned (public and private clients, project managers and certifiers, producers) announce the HQE for everyone. So what lessons can we draw from this extensive practice to advance, because we are all convinced that this is the first
voluntary movement in France to improve the quality of buildings?
• Where are other countries on these two topics? What significant practices in different countries for energy efficiency, knowing that France adopted on this subject a very particular approach, and environmental efficiency, knowing that we used to say in France about it that the grass is greener elsewhere? In fact, that can be replicated in the possibly adapting?
• This is a modest first approach to this subject about which we have the tendency to forget the economic and social dimensions and to the very politically correct on its environmental dimension.
• In particular, the very concrete issues and objectives of the project management and management activities for sustainable development of the built environment of the territories, local development, the social dimension of sustainable territories, sustainable transport are addressed.
• What significant practices in different countries, knowing that here too we used to say in France that the grass is greener elsewhere on this? In fact, that can be replicated in the possibly adapting?

The debate on “VERY TALL BUILDINGS” on September 20:
• There is a debate on urban, architectural and technical challenge exceptions about which there is no significant commitment in France, challenge that can bring added value to the treatment of problems more traditional projects.
• This is among others to address the problems of multi-functionality, work in the towers, energy and environmental efficiency, interior corridors, adaptability, management and maintenance, control risk, the report “buildings / territories,” including through examples of towers in La Défense.

The European meeting of the leaders of the energy

The European meeting of the leaders of the energy efficiency and sustainable building, ECOBUILDING Performance will take place on 8 and 9 November in Paris, Porte de Versailles …

1 European Trade Fair
Energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings
8 and 9 November 2006
Paris, Porte de Versailles

ECOBUILDING Performance will present all the innovations for the construction, renovation and sustainable buildings management, through a hundred exhibitors, industrial, consulting, energy suppliers, leading providers of real estate services …

The visitors, order donor community, prescribers, offices and project managers of tertiary, industrial and residential will discover all the facets of a growing market, and the best current solutions. With the lighting of the best experts, they will define their investment strategies and choose their partners to meet the new challenges of building.

Lounge marked by unparalleled regulatory news

The building, largest energy consumer, responsible, remember, a third of CO2 emissions in France is concerned by a number of regulations currently in discussion or in force.

– First, the Kyoto Protocol: France is committed, by 2008-2012, to stabilize emissions of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels and to divide by four the horizon 2050.
– The water bill and aquatic environments, creating a tax credit for individuals who install storm water recovery equipment, was tabled for first reading in the Senate on 31 May.
– Decree No 2005-1174 of 16 September 2005 sets environmental quality requirements of buildings to benefit from the exemption from property tax on buildings.
– RT 2005 thermal regulations new buildings come into effect on 1 September 2006 and aims to reduce at least 15% the consumption of new buildings by 2010 in anticipation of more stringent regulations.
– The DPE DPE, will become mandatory this summer to any sale of housing (800 000 transactions a year), and will be mandatory in summer 2007 for rentals, 2 million units concerned.
– In favor of sustainable development Tax credits are spreading and increasing to 50% for expenditure on production equipment for renewable energy and heat pumps.
– An initiative is underway, bringing the purchase price for the buildings integrated photovoltaic 55.5 € c kWh while maintaining the tax credit to 50% on equipment for individuals.
– Implementation of Energy Saving Certificates (Decrees No. 2006-603 and No. 2006-600 of 23 May 2006), raises huge expectations of communities, businesses and individuals. This is the great historical energy suppliers (EDF, GDF, Total …) and new entrants (Suez, Poweo), major players in the efficient building renovation and energy efficiency services.

All these provisions place ECOBUILDING Performance at the heart of current events and direct interest to policy makers and clients, who expect practical advice and solutions from specifiers, contractors and building companies.

ECOBUILDING: the living room of all construction sectors

All sectors of the building and construction will be represented at the show, as evidenced by the first announced exhibitors shell (Koramic Wienerberger), completions (Derivery), insulation (Promo PES, Snip, Schöck, Isover St Gobain), energy (MCT Solaire, Buderus, Sharp), building management (Wirecom Technologies, System Energy, Schneider Electric, …), certification (Cequami, Certivea), professional organizations (Enerplan Fondaterra, Untec, UNSFA, Insulating the Earth …).
The Forum ECOBUILDING Performance: appointments technical, economic and professional

An ambitious program of conferences is taking place through three main themes:
• Building and Energy: What impacts expect new regulations designed to save energy?
• Building and environment: Reality demand for environmental quality in public buildings.
• Building and uses: Reconciling usage qualities, energy, environmental and financial.
These themes will be explored through lectures / debates, round tables, workshops and markets solutions, animated by the best specialists of the moment.


Alongside the Forum ECOBUILDING Performance will be held seminars animated by partners:
• R2D2 / Fondaterra “Energy Efficiency in Buildings”
• Enerplan “Solar Energy and Building”
• Martech: Capital 4E “Financing Innovation in the construction and energy.”
The energy and environmental performance in the spotlight

The Trophies ECOBUILDING Performance will be presented on November 9 the best experiences of the energy performance of buildings, following an overview of the main actions implemented by the public and private sectors.

8 and 9 November 2006, Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles

Energy Performance – Environmental Performance Sustainability of Buildings and Territories

ECO BUILDING PERFORMANCE present all the innovations for the construction, renovation and sustainable management of buildings through 200 exhibitors expected: industrial, consulting, energy suppliers, major providers of real estate services & Special emphasis will be given to architectural innovation and modernization of existing buildings, as well as environmental constraints, be they regulatory or related to social demand.

Visitors strictly professional: public and private donors orders, clients, specifiers, consultants, project managers, contractors involved in the commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings, will discover all facets of a growing market and current best solutions.


The exhibition will take place over three days, to allow exhibitors to expand their contacts. A forum, under development, will feature discussions and expert lectures on energy consumption, the environmental quality of buildings and architectural performance as well as the regulatory and technical news at the dawn of 2008.

This second edition will be based on the success of the 2006 exhibition, which took place on 8 and 9 November 2006, and received 4,200 visitors, plus more than a thousand conference participants. They represented architectural firms, engineering firms, builders, developers, but also large aerospace groups, real estate, industrial, commercial, hotel, banking, insurance, distribution, construction, transport, telecommunications, entertainment, and public offices and local …

2006 exhibitors showed a real appreciation for the quality of visitors met during the 2006 edition Industrial, advice, energy suppliers, architects, leading providers of real estate services … their enthusiasm was unanimous: “A promising area, which comes at a crucial moment and that will grow in the image of this booming sector “,” we received many special requests, very targeted, very rich, both principals, administrations and architects, which is struggling to touch generally on shows. ”


PERFORMANCE ECOBUILDING is organized by Exposium, 115 public exhibitions and professional organizer in France and abroad and Unibail subsidiary, investor, manager and marketer of shopping centers, office buildings and convention-exhibition spaces .

Eco technology make green make sense

Nowadays, development is necessary but the more important is sustainable development. Sustainable development requires people have to use environmentally friendly technologies which allow improvement in economic performance while minimizing harm to the environment. And that is reason why Eco technology is introduced as a science and the best method to protect ecology in all fields of life by harnessing and manipulating natural forces.

Perhaps Eco technology is new concept but in modern society, we have to learn ways to acquaintance with it and understand it. Thanks to Eco technology, both of human and businesses save energy and reduce waste and make society develops sustainably as well as make green make sense.

Definition of Eco technology

In simply, you can understand Eco technology is an applied science that seeks human source to minimizing harm to the ecology by using natural resources and natural energy to leverage their beneficial effects. Speaking of Eco technology, you easily find two fields of study are eco and technology to create technics of ecology and ecology of technics. One more thing you have to understand about eco technology is it emphasizes approaching a problem from a holistic point of view, should not only consider one side.

Methods of eco technology

You should know that all sustainable engineering which used in eco technology has to adopt ecology as a fundamental basis to ensure sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity. There are many ways that allow minimizing harm to the environment and you can consult following methods.

The first, you can protect ecology by increasing the efficiency in the selection and use of energy sources and materials, control of impacts on ecosystems. For example, why do not you use solar energy or wind energy instead of using electric energy. You also should change your lights to compact fluorescent lamps.


The seconds, eco technology require people to develop and improve processes and products clearly. For example, we use cleaner products such as food, water and so on to save time and money as well as energy to ensure they are cleaner.



The third, eco technology also introduce activities for increasing awareness of human about the need for promotion of sustainable development as well as environmental protection in all fields. For example, other fields can consult experts on the environment to reduce its impact on nature.

The forth, as an applied science, eco technology brings environmental management systems in the services and production sectors to minimize the amount of waste that companies, enterprises have released as well as detect and treat in right time.

About applying eco technology in life

The more society develops, the more environment be effected, so everyone apply eco technology from smallest actions to protect environment and ensure sustainable development.

At first, I would like to mention to fields that should apply eco technology. I have to say that all fields in our life need to apply methods of eco technology to minimize harm to the environment and ecology from homes, businesses, contractions, bank, resources or eco-marketing and much more.

Each field will have proper ways and activities to promote sustainable development but there are general actions that all people, all fields can apply to protect ecology and environment.

  1. Use energy efficiency

There are many way to use energy efficiently. The very first way that all of you can recognize is changing your lights to LED bulb or compact fluorescent lamps. Besides, you also do small things as pay attention whether your home drafty or do you have old, inefficient equipment (refrigerator, air conditioner, heating or hot water equipment). You also can do simple things daily such as turning off lights whenever you’re not in the room, hanging your clothes outside to make dry them for free or washing your clothes in cold water, etc.

  1. Use renewable energy

Using renewable energies is a useful and solid way to protect ecology and environment and make a difference. As I know, there are 4 kinds of renewable energy are: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Hydropower, Bio-mass. You know, there are many offers and supports to people who want to use renewable energy such as tax deductible. You can register to buy green power at local to match 100% of your electricity usage and receive investment in renewable energy more affordable.

  1. Reduce, reuse and recycle

About reduce, everyone buy a lot of things every day and each product requires energy to produce and distribute leading results in more waste. Therefore if you think carefully before you make a purchase, you can buy it easier and reduce waste and make a big difference.

Besides, there are many things you can reuse instead of throwing them as soon as you got the aim. Only from simple actions, you can make a big difference.


Together with reducing and reusing materials saves energy, there are many materials can be reduced. Reducing it is not hard as you think, you just need to keep track of many other recycling rules, you can reduce many things in your life that you do not know. Remember following items to reuse and recycle them instead: paper and cardboard, narrow neck plastics, bottles and cans, car batteries, leaves and yard waste, computers, TVs and large home appliances. Don’t forget keep these items out of your trash and take them to your local transfer station.

  1. Composting

In modern society, composting is considered as a great way to reuse your food waste. All food you do not use or cannot use anymore, you can put them into home composting and result, you will get a thing that is very useful for plants. It can increases the organic matter in soil, makes nutrients in soil more readily available, improves the ability of sandy soils and raises the vitamin and mineral content that help food grown in a compost-rich garden develop naturally and reduces reliance on petroleum-based fertilizers.

Begin today, apply eco technology in your life by taking small steps at your home to make a difference and make green earth.