Inauguration of FLYPROD 1st French production plant flywheels

Levisys-Louis_SchweitzerLe Senator PHILIPPE ADNOT (President of the Departmental Council of Dawn) and Peter Fessler (President LEVISYS company) launched Thursday, September 15, 2016, on the site of the Technopole de l’Aube in Champagne (Troyes / Rosières ) FLYPROD, the first French production plant flywheels for storing electricity and network regulation.

Commissioner General for investment, Louis Schweitzer (center of photo Laurent Lempens) participates in the event, marking the interests of France to FLYPROD (Flywheel PRODuction): a strategic project of € 14.58 million supported by State of € 3.75 million under the future investment Program (LIP) implemented by ADEME (Agency for environment and energy Management).

The completion of this unit ultra modern production of 4 000 sqm represents an investment of 6.5 million euros funded by the Department of the Dawn, the first time partner. Property of the departmental community, this factory-relay is subject to a lease of 20 years at the company Levisys.

Other members of the consortium are FLYPROD:

Engie Ineo, integrator flying LEVISYS (on site Ineo scle Sfe), which also pilot “Smart Grid Experience” in Toulouse, the first smart grid tested on the scale of an activity area in France, the first site on which LEVISYS deploying and testing its technology in real conditions;
CIRTEM designer and power electronics manufacturer needed to operate the wheels and their connection to the network;
The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT), whose teams “production management”, “Mechanical Engineering” and “numerical simulation” are assisting the steering studies and pilot production line.
Levisys will now continue installing its pilot production line flywheels. It aims, current 2017 production of 100 machines / year – an already very significant storage capacity of 4 MW. The company plans to recruit about thirty people, mostly senior technicians, to support its development. The pilot line will either assemble 10kW and 40kW machine until the flying range is expanding. His pace will gradually expand to 500 machines a year.


Louis Schweitzer, General Commissioner of the investment: “This is a beautiful innovative and efficient project for energy efficiency and contributing to the reindustrialisation of France in cutting edge technology. It is the heart of the future investment program excellence, innovation and cooperation between public authorities and companies. ”

For Peter Fessler, president of Levisys: “The objective of the development of the French industrial sector in the field of electricity storage based on flywheels is about to be reached. This will meet the huge expectations of the energy transition with performance technology, responding to a manufacturing quality and high standard in efficient economic conditions. “Meanwhile, PHILIPPE ADNOT, senator, president of the County Council, following over 10 years FLYPROD the project:” With this realization, the Dawn reaffirms its territory exceptional room for innovation. ”

The flywheel Levisys: a performance never before achieved

The flywheel Levisys consists of a rotating mass carbon fiber driven by an electric motor. The contribution of electrical power means to rotate the rotor at high speeds (in excess of 10,000 revolutions / min) in minutes. Once launched, the rotor magnetic levitation, continues to rotate with little friction (yield higher than 97% ever reached hitherto), although most no current feeds. The energy is then stored in the flywheel as kinetic energy. It can then be recovered instantly when braking the wheel by using the motor as an electric generator, resulting in the decrease of the rotational speed of the flywheel.

FLYPROD in figures

Total cost of the project FLYPROD: € 14.582 million
ADEME participation under the Future Investments: 3, € 756 million euros in the form of repayable advances and grants to all consortium partners FLYPROD
Portage factory, by the Department of Aube: € 6.5m